Mental Health Care



We have a highly trained mental health nurses and exceptional support workers. They understand caring for individuals living with mental health issues.

We take time to understand your staffing needs and can work with service users of all ages. Our agency has nurses and support workers who specialise in working you people living with mental health issues ranging from food disorders, suicidal, absconding, offenders, and substance misuse.

We have highly trained clinicians experienced exclusively in mental health care that will help your reduce risk to your permanent staff. Our nursing agency staff will bring experience and skill to your mental health care facility, to create confidence, reliability, effectiveness, efficiency, and excellence. Also, our management have over 30 years’ experience in the field of mental health and ensure they employ health care practitioners who will suit your needs.

We focus on high quality care, safety, professional development, and training. Our staff are trained, experienced and knowledgeable with respect to mental illness.

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Supported Living, Learning Disability And Autism

Firstcare4u have expertly trained support workers who can provide exceptional support for service users with learning disabilities and autism. They undergo rigorous training to provide the best possible support to young adults and mature individuals in various complex situations. In addition, they have the right skills, qualifications, and training and a positive mindset. As such, they are ready to work in the most challenging or stressful situations. Also, they have experience of working in supported living projects focusing on developing service users’ interpersonal skills by encouraging social interaction, which increases their confidence levels.

Our staff have effective communication skills that enables them to support vulnerable people and their families at the right level. In addition, they have empathy for and treat every service user in their care with the utmost respect and dignity. Also, they provide support that will improve the service users’ quality of life.

Individuals with learning disabilities seek healthcare and so our support workers can consult with GPs on a regular basis to ensure they receive adequate health care.